Live rehearsed reading as part of ZOOTV 2020

Mickey wants the best possible relationship with son Jak. Simone’s back after more than a decade away and needs Mickey for something she can’t speak about. Fifteen-year old Jak just craves something different from everyone around him. What happens when we can’t let go of others definitions of us, or even our own of ourselves? Tracks shines a light on two forgotten children now adults who have gone through the care system. The journey to care for themselves and those they love on the other side. 

A story of growing up, resilience and love. 

A rehearsed reading of a new play from award winning playwright Paula B Stanic, directed by Jo Newman. Presented live on zoom by Zoo Venues, Edinburgh as part of Zoo TV in August 2020, followed by a live Q&A

CAST Jahvel Hall, Mark Springer, Joanna Van Kampen

Writer Paula B Stanic

Director Jo Newman

Presented by Zoo Venues, Edinburgh, as part of ZOOTV in August 2020