Stop the Clocks

A Tin Box Theatre site-specific production at the Coffin Works, Birmingham 2011

In this intimate promenade performance, an audience of ten witnessed remarkable stories from a seemingly ordinary life. An immersive and sensory experience, Stop the Clocks incorporated live music, puppetry and one to one performance.

Stop the Clocks was the first performance to take place in Newman Brothers Coffin Fittings Factory, which closed in 1998 and is now the Coffin Works, owned by the Birmingham Conservation Trust.

CAST Antonia Bourdillon, Patsy Ferran, David Fisher, Becky Reidy, Elena Voce Siriani, Alison Ward

Devised by Tin Box Theatre

Directed by Jo Gleave and Jo Newman

Stage Managers Kiran Flynn and Harriet May

Production Photos Jay Hooper

“Innovative… poignant… incredibly touching… waterproof mascara is strongly advised”


“One of the most uplifting and life-affirming pieces I have seen in a long while…

we came out, barely a dry eye among us; all of us charmed, thoughtful, and joyful…

the two Jos are ones to watch out for in the future”

The Good Review

“The little glow Stop the Clocks has given me is going to last for a long time to come”

Little Earthquake

Supported by the Birmingham Conservation Trust and Ideas Tap