The Coloured Valentino

Work-in-progress presentation with ShesDiverse and Circles productions at The Arcola Theatre, 29 January 2022


A new African American musical, The Coloured Valentino looks at the early days of the African American film industry and two of its towering figures, the director and producer Oscar Micheaux and his leading man Lorenzo Tucker who was dubiously name the Coloured Valentino because of his resemblance to the matinee idol. A generation who came of age during the era of the Harlem Renaissance who thought the sky was the limit only to find there was a glass ceiling.

CAST Joseph Black, Stephan Boyce, Ashford Campbell, Malcolm Connell, Johnnie Fiori, Lemuel Knights, Greg Miller Burns, Frances McNamee, Kelly Nicholas, Nardia Ruth,

Writer Beverly Andrews

Music  Anjali Perin, Malcolm Connell and Gwen Ferguson

Co-Directors  Jo Newman and Beverly Andrews

Dramaturg  Penny Black

Choreographer  Lily Howkins

Musical Director Noam Galperin

Photographer Ylenia Margerci Yle Margabush